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Disposable Surgical Gloves

Our gloves undergo inspection and are designed to conform to the highest standards set by various regulations, as well as our own exceptionally high standards.


“Extra strength” offers further safeguarding against surgical debris.

Disposable Surgical Gloves

When it comes to protecting your hands, Mediflex’s disposable latex gloves offer both comfort and durability. These gloves are designed to be easy to wear, with an inner polymer lining that ensures a snug fit. The foldable cuff also provides added convenience. You can expect excellent tactile sensitivity and a firm grip in all conditions, thanks to the gloves’ micro-roughened surface. With Mediflex gloves, you can approach any procedure with confidence and peace of mind.


1 Powder-free latex natural examination glove
2 Latex lightly powder-free green examination glove
3 Latex surgical powder-free natural glove
4 Latex powder-free purple examination glove
5 Nitrile powder-free black examination glove
6 Latex powdered natural surgical glove
7 Pre-powdered gynecological natural glove
8 Nitrile powder-free blue examination glove

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